“Les has worked with us for over 2 years in the capacity of Operations Director. He has not only managed the ‘operation’ in an efficient and effective manner, but has contributed significantly to the development of the online management system. He is very focused and brings a lot of experience from the public and private sectors.” October 23, 2009

John Stevens, Managing Director , Fleet Risk Profiler

“Les, is one of the most committed person that you could work with, totally reliable / professional. His fund raising work for the Princes Trust in Hertfordshire is always ” going the extra mile” Having undertaken a number of Treks with Community Action Treks , he is one of their strongest advocates, and now works closely with them to organise their Treks” October 22, 2009

Steve Lindsay, National Project Director , Fresh Start – All Agricultural Industry Initiative

Les Owen has been a breath of fresh air in both my company, Community Action Treks (CAT), and as an agent for talks in the South of England I do on behalf of the charity Community Action Nepal (CAN).

He has provided solid independent advice to CAT on a number of occasions. His view on business plans drawn up for future business growth was sound and supported the operations director’s view with analysis of the figures. He is able to explain his viewpoint succinctly and always has a considered view on how things can be done.

As a help to raising money for CAN he has proved his determination and strength for some years now and is always looking for ways to improve fund raising for the charity. Much of Les’s time given to the charity has been given on a voluntary basis. When tasked to provide help to us he can be trusted to perform to the highest standards and integrity.

Doug Scott

When my car was hit by a delivery van Les Owen was able to get the driver’s company on to the case immediately when I did not know where to start. As a result of his advice and intervention they were able to prove the driver was at fault and I did not have to worry about anything. He was also able to speed the transactions and saved me from having to wait for my car to get repaired. His knowledge and guidance were of great help.

Student Client

Les Owen is an extraordinary find. In the past two years he has demonstrated his range of skills, his problem solving and his versatility. His breadth of skills have been of enormous help to me.

He deals with my lawyers, my tax returns in the USA and UK and assists me with my banking day to day. In
all of these matters I have found his integrity exemplary. I trust him totally. He has displayed his analytical skills
in the work he has done which has been of great value to me.

He is very responsive to my needs and inventive in his approach to problem solving. To describe him as
an ideal project manager would fall far short of his capabilities.

Client in Hertfordshire

When I was crashed into by a male who drove out from the kerb into the side of my car and started to shout at me I knew Les would be able to provide help. He gave me advice from the moments after the crash until my solicitor made a successful claim against the other driver. Les went to the scene and analysed the claims made by the other driver, took photographs for my solicitor and wrote a detailed explanation to the solicitor about the crash location and the reasons why the claims made could not be true. This traumatic time was made easier by knowing that Les would not let the case drop until the truth came out. He was able to provide a calm approach when I was suffering from tension and lack of knowledge which helped me to get through the long process.

Client in Watford

A driver made an allegation that I failed to stop after an accident when I was not even there at the time. Where do you go when the police believe the other driver and you cannot prove the truth? Luckily I spoke to Les Owen who was able to discover and prove the cause of the damage to my car which was claimed to have been the result of the accident with the other driver. He took this to the police administration department and reminded them of the law appertaining to defendants subject to allegations. His persistence led to me being interviewed and he provided an adult presence since I was considered a ‘young’ person. The fact that he had evidence that the police did not have and the interview result led to the case being dropped and me receiving a letter absolving me from the blame for the crash.

Student Client in Buckinghamshire

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