Individual client work

Following a task to assist an elderly individual to learn to use a computer and achieve an on-line presence Les Owen was asked to manage the administration of his personal estate and finances. This required LOA to work with solicitors and banks in the US and UK to manage the legal and financial issues for the client. The client now relies on LOA to complete the enquiries for US and UK tax returns and manage the accounts on a regular basis.

Computer advice and purchase

Clients have relied on LOA to manage computer requirements and assist with choice and purchase. Using the LOA purchasing power to obtain best price we were then tasked to set up the systems purchased and load appropriate software. This often led to saving the clients time and money.

Technical assistance with computers

For individuals and companies that have computer glitches LOA can assist. We have recovered data on behalf of clients and rebuilt computers which have crashed due to virus and other problems. The technical associate has recovered data and software rebuilding the computer – often at weekends to save the client lost time and money.

Agent for Doug Scott

Doug Scott (the first British mountaineer to climb Everest) created a charity, Community Action Nepal (CAN), to provide help to the Nepalese in the middle hills in the Himalayas as they had done so much for his climbs in the past. Les Owen acts as an agent for Doug in the South of England and project manages events at which Doug talks to raise money for CAN. This year large sums of money have been raised as a result of these events.

Road Traffic Advice

As a retired senior police officer Les Owen is often asked to provide assistance to drivers involved in traffic incidents. A number of students and adults have received advice on how to deal with such incidents and allegations following a crash or road traffic stop by police. Les has started to send advice in newsletters and blogs to drivers and can provide individual advice if required. Following his advice a number of drivers have contested allegations by other drivers. Les has unfortunately witnessed a number of fatal crashes and he uses this experience to talk to professional groups on how everyone can help to reduce deaths on the road. With his passion for reducing road traffic crashes he speaks sincerely about the effects such incidents have on so many people. Contact him to see how this message can be used in school sixth forms and in companies to make road users think more about their actions.

Mountain treks

Les Owen is a keen mountain walker and has trekked with Community Action Treks (CAT) on a number of occasions. As a result he has given talks to charity groups and others which has led to successful marketing and recruiting of trekkers for CAT. Charities raise money from treks and Les also gives advice to them on how to raise funds.

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