The latest news from Les Owen

After a short delay I am now able to report that my news posts on the new website are sent to Twitter and Facebook automatically with LinkedIn following up soon after.  I would love to hear from anyone who wants to add to my news posts. 

Tip for today

With traffic being as it is can you say that you have never made an error while driving?  If you answer that you may have made an error, why do drivers seldom allow for the errors of others.  If we all drive with more patience to allow for the odd mistake by the other driver – do you think we might have less incidents on the roads?  I am giving talks entitled “Keep death off the road” at 4 Networking meetings in the next month.  Ask me more about this.

Finally there is a great new networking event in Watford every 4th Tuesday in the month – the next is on the 22nd February.  See

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