In today’s fast spinning world of emails and telephone calls and deadlines:

  • Do you feel you are drowning in unfinished tasks and job lists?
  • Are you fighting to keep your head above water?
  • Do you have jobs you put off as these are the ones you are not good at or unsure about?

Precious time can be wasted thinking about these and you cannot get things done properly.

You are just a phone call or email away from resolving all sorts of problems.


Why choose me?…

What  I do…

Les Owen holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Warwick and has a number of notable achievements in the private and public sector.His experience in the Police service has led to his determination to reduce road deaths. As a senior police officer he held posts in crime investigation, road traffic management and borough policing.

A man of integrity and honesty he provides the service for clients to be able to know that the solution to projects will be provided. With a large experience of project management he is thorough, efficient and effective in helping start up companies, large corporates and individuals alike.

With wide experience of working with partners in the public sector and in industry he recognises the political, economic and social pressures in successful companies today.

Specialising in making communications work both internally and externally we get to the heart of projects quickly and help companies and organisations share information to solve problems and develop greater success. With a belief that reports and solutions need to be easy to read and apply the project reports are succinct.

Line Project manager, business advisor and interim management for organisations, companies and individuals.

Projects we have managed include:

Researching markets for start up companies and existing companies/organisations.

Writing business and marketing plans for start up companies.

Developing a fleet management software tool to reduce all risks within a fleet.

Advising on customer service for SMEs.

Managing and writing tender invitations for web site design and building for start up companies.

Assessing the tenders and managing the interface with web builders/designers.

Advising the board of an SME on the operations director’s plans for business development.

Providing advice to drivers (adults and young drivers) involved in incidents on the road (including offences and crash allegations).

Assisting individuals and companies to select a computer to fit their requirements, purchasing the computer on their behalf (obtaining some discounts) and setting up the new computer for use.

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